Coastal Surveillance & Transmission Systems

Comprehensive Coastal Communications

Nautel’s expansive suite of Kenta coastal communications solutions comprises of transceivers, transmitters, consoles and an IP and standards-based architecture. 

Unlike many GMDSS suppliers who rely on outside vendors or only offer partial solutions, Nautel designs your complete GMDSS solution from the ground up including MF and HF site expertise, including NAVTEX/NAVDAT, to create a comprehensive turnkey offering with quality control at every stage, and based on VoIP ED137 and IP standards so your solution won’t be locked in technologically and can be integrated with existing and other standards-based components. 

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MRCC Software Server & Consoles

Nautel’s Kenta software suite includes friendly & ergonomic WEB-based Graphical User Interfaces for all critical GMDSS functions including a Digital Selective Calling (DSC) Operator Console,  a VoIP Operator Console and a NAVTEX Operator Console. Each of these are connected to the GMDSS Server, Maritime Rescue Coordination Center (MRCC) ​.

The GMDSS Server in turn includes an easy to use Graphical User Interface for system setup, monitoring and maintenance available through user friendly HTML pages (Web remote control).​

VHF Transceivers

Nautel’s KENTA VHF Coastal Station consists of VHF transceivers (25W, 50W or 100W) that can be delivered as stand-alone products or completely integrated in a VHF rack.  All transceivers have IP ED137 interface as well as SNMP and HTTP interfaces for maximum flexibility and interoperability.

Nautel is ready to optimize your VHF solution. Depending on your transmission site and available tower space, Nautel can propose the optimum number of VHF transceivers, and power levels. Antenna configurations may range from a single antenna with a coax relay or a duplexer per VHF transceiver, or the use of 2 separate receiving and transmitting antennas per transceiver. Splitters adapted for VHF are also available.

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MF/HF Receivers and Transmitters

Nautel’s KENTA MF HF solutions consists of 1kW transmitters and receivers with  IP ED137 interface as well as SNMP and HTTP interfaces. They can be used for voice, DSC and NAVTEX in a frequency range from 1.6MHz to 30MHz. Depending on your antennas’ characteristics,  KENTA also offers external 1kW ATUs, matching unit splitters, as well as transmitting and receiving antenna matrixes, all adapted for MF/HF.

Kenta’s extensive worldwide field experience can be applied to suggest the best solution related to coverage, site positioning, available ground plane space, towers position and height and  MF/HF antennas advice. 


Nautel offers a  complete solution for NAVTEX MF and HF and NAVDAT MF at 500kHz. For MF NAVTEX at 490kHz or 518kHz the solution consists of a Vector transmitter with an ATU NAVTEX modulator.For HF NAVTEX KENTA’s HF 1kW transmitters can be used with an appropriate tuning unit.

Note that it is possible to deliver a NAVTEX server, based on the GMDSS server, to have a complete NAVTEX solution.

Nautel’s experience as one of the world’s largest providers of digital radio broadcasting means that has an  extensive portfolio of transmitters, digital modulators, signal pre-correction techniques, and power output ranges applicable to the emerging NAVDAT standard.

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IP Gateway for 3rd-party Solutions

While Nautel can offer a complete end-to-end suite of Kenta solutions, the standards based architecture makes it possible to integrate 3rd party products. To facilitate integrations Nautel offers Kenta ED137 IP gateways that can be interfaced with 3rd party equipment and integrate audio, squelch and additional controls. An often requested integration is the incorporation of air traffic VHF transceivers into a GMDSS architecture. Deploy your Kenta GMDSS solution knowing that you’ll have flexibility today and into the future.  

Customer Projects

  • KENTA delivers complete GMDSS system for Egypt

    25 VHF sites, 2 NAVTEX sites, 3 main sites (MF HF and MRCC) in Alexandria, Kossier and Port Said.

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  • PNA Refits Coastal Stations with NAVTEX

    Argentine Coast Guard used new HF equipment (TX, RX and Antennas) and MF equipment (TX and Antennas).

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  • KENTA delivers DSC system for Plovput, Croatia

    GMDSS server plus 19 IP Gateways for 19 VHF sites along the Croatian Coast.