LF PNT and eLORAN Applications

Address GNSS Vulnerabilities and Gain Sovereign Control

Nautel provides innovative and industry leading solutions for LF PNT (Low Frequency Position, Navigation and Timing) and eLORAN (Enhanced Long Range Navigation) applications.

Nautel’s eLORAN transmitters give authorities sovereign control over navigation and timing. Low frequency terrestrial signals offer increased interference tolerance. The co-primary approach draws on the strengths of both the terrestrial and satellite networks where either system can be primary. That means sovereign choice, sovereign control and decreased vulnerability.

Nautel’s industry leading quality, reliability and customer support make it the choice of LF PNT / eLORAN station operators worldwide.

Together with our global partner, UrsaNav Inc., Nautel provides turnkey eLORAN solutions, including system design, timing and control equipment, advanced receivers, data channel techniques, and differential LORAN reference equipment. Read this joint UrsaNav/Nautel white paper Leadership in Resilient PNT