Modernizing Coastal Navigation
100% IP standards-based GMDSS
for improved safety at sea

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Addressing Coastal Challenges

Improve geographic coverage

Modernize outdated, unreliable systems

Address safety demands from coastal border migration



GMDSS Coastal Surveillance Systems

Through the acquisition of KENTA, Nautel is able to manage turn key projects from the coverage studies to the final system installation including test and maintenance.

We have the complete solution for MF, HF and VHF systems 100% IP based (transmitters, receivers, transceivers, antenna systems, software at MRCC, etc.) for any maritime application.

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NDB Offshore

Oil Platform, Support Vessel & Wind Farm

Nautel has shipped thousands of highly-reliable, field-proven NDB systems for oil platform, support vessel & wind farm applications.

Our industry-leading quality, solid-state reliability, 24/7 customer support and 3-year warranty make it the choice of NDB operators worldwide.

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VHF Port

Port Communication Systems

Nautel/Kenta’s VHF solution for Port Communication Systems is a scalable, integrated system of 25W, 50W, 100W and VHF transceivers, control center software with AIS and DSC integration, and all based on ED137B standards.

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VHF River

River Surveillance Systems

Nautel/Kenta’s VHF River Surveillance Systems are integrated via Voice over IP (VoIP) control center software based on ED137B and ATIS.

The solution can be completely customized with additional options for archiving/recording and playback.

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Modern 100% IP standards-based GMDSS

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