Telecom Egypt GMDSS System

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KENTA delivers complete GMDSS system for Egypt

KENTA delivered the complete GMDSS system for Egypt. The project for Telecom Egypt consists of 25 VHF sites, 2 NAVTEX sites, 3 main sites (MF HF and MRCC) in Alexandria, Kossier and Port Said, and included all product manufacturing, factory acceptance tests (FAT), goods delivery, installation and training.

Project components:

  • 3 MRCC Control Centers (Alexandria, Port Said, Kossier)
  • 25 x VHF systems with 4 x 50W Transceivers for Voice & DSC and 1 Duplexer, 4 VHF Antennas
  • 4 x kW NAVTEX transmitters with 2 x Antenna Matching boxes and 2x 2:2 Antenna Matrix and 2 NAVTEX receivers including 2 T-antennas
  • 10 x 1kW MF/HF transmitters for Voice & DSC, including 2 inverted V MF/HF wideband dipoles and 1 Spiracone antenna
  • 2 NAVTEX operator consoles
  • 6 Voice operator consoles
  • 6 DSC operator consoles
  • 3 redundant GMDSS servers
  • System installation and commissioning
  • Training and maintenance
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