DSC Operator Console

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DSC Operator Console

The DSC Operator Console is a WEB-based software solution connected to the GMDSS Server, which can be located in the same PC as the Console or in a separate PC depending on the application. The DSC Operator Console is suitable for:

  • Simple or complex radio communications systems whatever the frequency bands (MF, HF, VHF etc.)
  • GMDSS (Coast Guards) applications
  • VTS or Coastal Surveillance applications
  • Port Authorities
  • Off-shore Platforms Operators


The DSC Operator Console is supplied with a PC Workstation (with Windows OS in English) and a 22” – 16/9 flat screen. Other accessories (printer etc.) can be supplied as options.

The DSC Operator Console main features are:

  • Friendly & Ergonomic WEB based Graphical User Interface
  • DSC Messages Receive/Send console
  • Distress, emergency, security & routine messages
  • Messages history and logging
  • MMSI database management
  • Multi sites, Multi radios, Multi users possibilities
  • Radio remote control & monitoring
  • Suitable for MF, HF or VHF radios