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The Nautel ATU-HP at FAA site, St. Paul Island, Alaska.

FAA Alaska Selects Nautel ATU-HP for Three Locations

Approximately 85% of FAA Alaska’s NDB equipment is Nautel.

In February 2008, due to the catastrophic failure of their existing ATU, the Alaska Region of the FAA elected to purchase a Nautel ATU-HP for installation at St. Paul Island, Alaska in April 2008. This new generation ATU was selected for its compatibility with and support of the incumbent Nautel ND2000 transmitter – approximately 85% of FAA Alaska’s NDB equipment is Nautel.

Deadhorse, Alaska (left) and the Nautel ATU-HP at Deadhorse FAA site (right).

Based on the performance of the ATU-HP at St. Paul Island, the Alaska Region of the FAA purchased two additional Antenna Tuning Units for Deadhorse and Point Lay, Alaska. These were installed in September 2010, flight checked in March 2011 – delayed due to darkness – and are operating trouble-free to date.

Learn more about Vector ATU-LP/ATU-HP

Nautel adds… After extensive research into the most common antenna-related field issues, the ATU-LP and ATU-HP automatic antenna tuning units were developed to:

  • provide industry-leading, state-of-the-art antenna impedance matching to the associated Vector NDB transmitters under all weather conditions
  • mitigate the effects of seasonal ground conductivity variations and the build-up of salt and other environmental contaminants on antenna insulators
  • provide a constant and stable coverage when used in conjunction with Vector NDB transmitters

To learn more about the development, testing and functionality of the ATU-LP and ATU-HP automatic antenna tuning units please read more in the following white paper Engineering the All Weather Antenna Tuning Unit (ATU)

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