Warranty Plans

Nautel’s standard 36-month warranty on NDB, DGPS and NAVTEX products provides excellent coverage and satisfies most customers’ needs. However, for customers who want extended coverage, Nautel offers Extended Warranty Plans to cover electrical and mechanical repairs or replacements for all Nautel equipment.


The Extended Warranty Plan includes:

  • A module exchange program for many common modules and circuit boards (North America only)
  • Necessary labor performed by Nautel authorized personnel to repair the product back to factory specifications
  • Necessary components
  • Modifications to correct performance problems
  • Return shipping.


Extended Warranty Plans must be purchased prior to the expiration of the original standard 36-month warranty. Extended Warranty Plans add up to an additional five years (60 months) of coverage after the end of the customer’s standard 36-month warranty. The price per year of the Extended Warranty is 3% of the original equipment purchase price. Extended Warranty Plans cover only repairs done at Nautel’s facilities or by Nautel authorized personnel. Customers must ship faulty products back to Nautel, prepaid, and in the original package or in a package that provides equivalent protection. Nautel can choose to repair or replace equipment.

Purchasing an Extended Warranty Plan

If the customer’s transmitter is still covered by its original standard 36-month Warranty period, the customer can contact Nautel by telephone, fax, mail or e-mail with the model number, serial number and date of purchase. Once the customer purchases an Nautel Extended Warranty Plan, the customer receives an extended warranty plan certificate, plan number, and a toll-free number (North America only) to call for any service-related issues.

Using the Extended Warranty Plan

Contact Nautel’s Canadian or U.S. service facility by phone fax, or email as soon as a problem occurs. The following will be required when contacting Nautel:

  • Extended warranty plan number
  • Product model number
  • Serial number
  • Brief description of the problem

If Nautel’s service technicians are unable to solve the problem over the telephone, the customer will return the module or circuit board to a Nautel service facility. Nautel will provide a replacement.