Repairs & Exchange

Module Repair Service

During the transmitter’s warranty period, repair of modules is performed at no charge to the customer.  Once the warranty period has expired, module repairs will be invoiced based on material and labour costs.

Module Exchange Service

North American Customers Only

North American customers can take advantage of Nautel’s module exchange service. This service gives customers a fast and efficient solution in the event of a hardware problem. When a customer’s transmitter experiences a failure, Nautel can send out a factory rebuilt module to replace the faulty module. Nautel’s two locations, Canada and the United States, provide quick turn around times, keeping our customers on the air.

During the transmitter’s warranty period, exchange of modules is performed at no charge to the customer. Once the warranty has expired, the cost of a module exchange is only 40% of the list price for the module, provided the faulty module is returned to Nautel within 30 days and can be rebuilt; should the module not be returned an additional invoice for 40% of the list price will be issued.

Module Return Instructions

All equipment being returned to Nautel for repair or replacement should be marked with a Nautel-provided RMA number and addressed to the appropriate Nautel facility. See RMA Instructions & Request Form.

Complete and accurate information regarding the equipment will expedite shipment of replacement(s). Refer to the name plate on the transmitter and the appropriate module assembly and include with the shipment the following information:

• Transmitter model number
• Transmitter serial number
• Module name
• Module serial number
• Return shipping address

Return Facilities

USA Customers

Nautel Inc.
201 Target Industrial Circle
Bangor, Maine 04401 USA

North America Toll Free: 1.877.628.8353
Fax: (207) 947-3693

Canadian Customers 

Nautel Limited
10089 Peggy’s Cove Road
Hackett’s Cove, NS B3Z 3J4 Canada

North America Toll Free: 1.877.628.8353
International: +1.902.823.3900
Fax: (902) 823-3183