Battery Chargers

Nautel offers OEM battery chargers for the charging of 24, 48 and 144 V dc battery banks. The chargers provide a battery charging current for the float charging of the battery bank.


Highlights include:

  • Power factor correction (PFC).
  • Low battery disconnect protection.
  • Charger fail alarm.
  • Temperature compensation.
  • Integration as part of Nautel NDB/DGPS System.
Power Factor Correction (PFC)

Power Factor Correction (PFC) is included at the input to the chargers to reduce ac line current distortion.


Low Battery Disconnect Protection

The chargers have a low battery disconnect circuit to prevent damage to the battery by low discharge during a long AC failure.

A Low Battery Alarm (Form C contact) provides a warning before the disconnect circuit disengages the output.

Charger Fail Alarm

A Charger Fail Alarm is also provided (Form C) which indicates either failure of the charger circuit or loss of AC input power.

Temperature Compensation

The chargers also have a battery temperature compensation circuit with an external sensor, which is provided.

This circuit ensures that the float voltage is automatically adjusted according to the battery temperature.

The BTC sensor is a non-polarized type, which eliminates the possibility of incorrect connection.

Integration as Part of Nautel NDB/DGPS System

Nautel can optionally integrate the offered battery chargers as part of the supplied Nautel NDB/DGPS system or the battery charger can be supplied for integration by the end user external to the supplied Nautel NDB/DGPS system.