Enhanced Capabilities

Enhanced Remote Control & Monitoring

Vector DGPS System

The user has access to the vast array of control, status, and alarms that are available with the Vector DGPS system.

Functions such as maintenance checks, system status checks, and system troubleshooting are all available remotely via RSIM.

System Control including but not limited to:

Operating Side (A/B)
Transmitter Reset
Automatic Side Switchover Enable
Transmitter Power (On/Off)
Power Source (AC/DC)
Increase/Decrease RF Power
System Time Adjustment
Time Stamp (Enable/Disable)
Diagnostic Test
ATU Control
Constant Antenna Current (Enable/Disable)

System Monitor including but not limited to:

ATU Status
Antenna Current
Constant Antenna Current Status
Transmitter temperature
Operating Side Status
Main Side Selected
Power Source (AC/DC)
Interlock Open
Local / Remote
Monitor Bypass
RF On Status
VSWR Alarm
MSK Input Alarm
Low AC
Memory Battery
Monitor Failure
System Time
Time Stamp Status
Automatic Reset Status and Interval
Diagnostic Test Status