LF/MF Antenna Simulator

LF/MF Antenna Simulators (Low Power and High Power)

Nautel offers antenna simulators for use with Nautel Automatic Antenna Tuning Units (ATU’s). The antenna simulators provide maintenance personnel with a typical static antenna load found at LF/MF transmission sites to allow for full testing of the ATU.

Highlights include:

  • Simulated and Fixed antenna capacitance.
  • Simulated and Adjustable Resistance.

View Spec Sheet: Antenna Simulator Kit

LF/MF Antenna Simulator Capacitors

Simulated and Fixed Antenna Capacitance

Suitably rated, high voltage RF capacitors provide a fixed capacitance value which is equivalent to the capacitance that can be expected from a typical antenna system. The capacitance value supplied in the LF/MF Antenna Simulator will be dependent on the model of the ATU with which it is to be used.

Simulated and Adjustable Resistance

A fixed-tapped matching transformer transforms a 50 ohm resistive load (customer supplied) to a lower resistance which is representative of a typical value of antenna ground plane system resistance. The matching transformer has several tap settings, allowing for a number of antenna resistance selections.

LF/MF Antenna Simulator Matching Transformer

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